Initial Coin Offering

The Honor ICO goes from July 9 - August 1. Honor is an ecosystem comprising of 'HonorDrive' and applications such as 'HonorOffice'. They allow the ecosystem to expand and be adopted by individuals/businesses while keeping decentralization at a maximum. To learn more about Honor, HonorDrive, or HonorOffice, please click on the Whitepaper Button below. Built with love on the Interplanetary File System, built with love for Planet Earth.

Whitepaper Participate Team

Participate in the Initial Coin Offering

Do not send Ether from addresses you do not have complete control over. Be sure to use a token capable wallet such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Geth, Mist, etc. Do not send from exchanges. 10,000 ETH CAP or $5MM USD Equivalent.

Only Ethereum accepted. 10,000 HNR / ETH. The tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address after the crowdsale ends. Do not send from exchanges or wallets that have no ERC20/23 support!


Crowdsale Structure

We want to make the crowdsale process fair to all participants. We also don’t wish to raise unnecessary amounts of money; therefore, a hard cap will be placed at $5MM.



Core Developers


Edward Kurtz

Chief Executive Officer


Peter Gerrior

Chief Technology Officer


Abhi Thakre

UX designer